A new year to get your message heard

At the start of a new year many people look to make a new year’s resolution. While often this is a personal resolution, what about making a professional resolution? One that will improve the way you communicate to your coworkers and your key stakeholders.

Here’s some advice to help get you started.

Remember your target audience. Avoid lumping diverse groups into one audience. Instead, think of the individual groups that make up that audience and their needs. Tailor your communications to them directly instead of a one-size-fits-no one approach.

Develop key messages. What are the three most important things you want to communicate? If you aren’t clear on your key points, your audience will be left not knowing what is the important information.

Be clear and concise. This means no rambling sentences, long stories. Get to the point before you lose your audience. This also means no jargon or acronyms which can confuse people.

Be personal. No one cares about products, services or programs. They care about people and how your services will impact people. Don’t forget the end user is a person!

By following these simple steps you can be a better communicator and keep your resolution to communicate clearly throughout the year. At least it’s one resolution you can keep.