Lululemon ad dares to mock its customers

As I sit in my Lululemon pants writing this blog, I do so smiling having watched the online ad by Lululemon which makes fun of its traditional yogi customers. Based on the popular video series, Sh*t Girls Say, Lululemon’s version shows a one-sided conversion from a yogi, spewing stereotypical comments from this unique demographic.

The question going around the internet is does this ad work? I would say yes. Having spent more than my share of time walking down Robson Street or sipping a latte in Kitsilano (original home to Lululemon in Vancouver) I can relate to the video. Yes, I wear Lululemon. No, I do not live off wheat grass shots, have my aura checked regularly or lose my voice from saying ummmmm. And this is where the average Lululemon customer can relate. We don’t fit the stereotype. We are moms who are chasing after toddlers, outdoor enthusiasts going for a hike or simply women happy to have comfortable clothing.

What I love about this video is how it has started a new conversation about Lululemon. With over 1 million hits on YouTube (and likely thousands of blog entries), Lululemon has found a creative way to bring attention to its brand – to both customers and non-customers. This is what effective marketing is all about. Breaking through the noise and starting a conversation about your brand.

While it’s a fine line to walk, mocking the people who pay homage to Lululemon, or at the very least fork out $100 for a pair of pants, formatting the video on another popular video (Sh*t Girls Say) softens the blow. It allows us to laugh at ourselves, and realize we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

I’m now inspired to go to a yoga class. This is a big change from the usually workout I get in my Lululemon pants – chasing my three-year-old daughter.