The power of connecting – Trudeaumania

It’s hard to turn on the news without seeing Justin Trudeau. With the Liberal party of Canada only days away from announcing its new leader, the young front runner has become a media darling.

Justin Trudeau’s ability to capture the media spotlight, as well as the attention of younger Canadians, is all about connecting. You won’t find Justin giving well rehearsed speeches about balancing the budget or foreign policy. Rather, he passionately urges Canadians to get more involved in politics, and take back their country. While some commentators complain about the lack of a well thought out agenda, social media sites are abuzz with photos of his campaign stops and his ability to connect with people at his election stops.

During a recent visit to London, Ontario, many of my colleagues posted on Facebook and tweeted pictures and updates of his visit. There were many shots of gushing fans posing next to Justin, filled with pride of getting to meet this new generation Trudeau. And some of these people are card carrying Conservatives, caught up in the excitement.

I encourage anyone interested in public speaking or creating a personal brand to watch Justin Trudeau in action. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, but there is much to be learned on how he connects with Canadians. Whether it be his speeches, media interviews, Rick Mercer spots, Facebook page or Twitter account, he takes a personal approach, not a political approach. And this is why Canadians love him. They are excited about getting to know a prominent politician who comes across as a friend who cares about our country.

It is this connection with thousands of Canadians, and his methods of communicating with them, that makes for an exciting public relations campaign. Now let’s see if it earns him the Liberal leadership.