Social media is not a sales sheet

I’m often asked how to succeed in social media. Many people have been told they need to be on social media and are overwhelmed by the options available. So they end up creating Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages…the list goes on. The problem with this approach is many people and organizations haven’t taken the time to research and monitor successful social media sites before starting their own. They may post once a week, sometimes twice a week, then forget about it when they get busy.

I will do more posts on this topic, but for this post let’s look at Facebook. Too many companies use their Facebook page as a sales sheet. The posts are all about what is on sale or items related specifically to the organization. Sure, your fans may want to know what your specials are occasionally, but after a while they will tune out as they are tired of being sold to.

Instead, you should think about who your fans are. What are their interests? What do they have in common? I’ll use the example of the organic grocery store I shop at – Urban Marketplace in Sarnia, Ontario. Wendy, the owner of the store, has one of the best Facebook pages I’ve seen. She posts multiple times a day and knows her audience. Her posts are recipes (using ingredients she sells), facts about GMOs (her groceries are all GMO-free), links to organic gardening tips and videos about natural remedies. The only time she posts about items for sale in her store is to post pictures of her fresh produce (which is her top seller).

I look forward to getting updates from Urban Marketplace because the posts are of interest to me and educate me on my lifestyle choices. I do not tune out the feeds, as I feel they are written directly for me. And this is the power of a successful Facebook page – tuning in fans vs tuning them out. The result is I make sure I go to Urban Marketplace every week, avoiding the chain stores, as I’ve developed a relationship and commitment to Wendy.

Wendy has found most of her new customers have come from Facebook. And as she’s developed her page, her customer base has also grown. All this for zero marketing dollars.