All hail YouTube

Remember the days when corporations would spend thousands of dollars to create an in-house training video? These videos would run 30 minutes or more, complete with flashy graphics and multiple locations. They would then be shown in a conference room with much fanfare (likely to justify the high production cost).

For many organizations those days are over. Training budgets are tight, and the attention span of employees and consumers has dramatically decreased. However, the power of video has never been greater. Using video on social media pages increases the hits by over 100 per cent compared to a post without video.

And this is where YouTube comes in. With thousands of videos to choose from, there is no shortage of video content. Whether it be posting a motivational video on your intranet page or educating your consumer on health benefits related to your product, video content is only a click away.

Video is an amazing tool for facilitating discussion or showing a third party opinion on your subject – all for free. So when you’re looking for material for Facebook posts or something to spice up your corporate training program, head over to YouTube. And if you really want the stuffy, 30 minute corporate video I’m sure you can find it there, without spending thousands.