The importance of staying relevant

When I teach media relations courses, and the area of social media comes up, I always stress how important it is to keep any social media site live and current. Clearly I have broken my own rule on this blog by being absent for a bit. Life, kids, work seems to get in the way. While I make a daily point of updating my Facebook page and staying current there, sometimes it is hard to keep up with a blog, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…

In my field, as a consultant, this can be okay at time. For example, I currently have a full-time contract that does not leave time for anything other than teaching the occasional course. However, in businesses where you are constantly selling a product or service, and rely on regular sales, it is extremely to keep social media site up to date on a daily or weekly reason.

Why? You want to be front and centre in your customer/client’s mind. By continuing the conversation with them, they will remember you when they need your services. Successful businesses and individuals have mastered the art of relationship building. And this truly is an art form that takes time. The beauty of social media is it allow you to maintain relationships with one post, one blog or a simple tweet.

Now it is time for me to follow my own advice.