Never stop learning

With cooler nights and September around the corner, it’s time to prepare for back-to-school. While many parents (myself included) cheer for a return of “normality” and full school days, we don’t always reflect on our own education. Although your days of sitting in a small school desk may be over, you should never stop learning.

There are many ways to learn. I personally learn by teaching at a university. I teach a variety of media relations, public relations and leadership courses. Although I’m the instructor, I honestly believe I learn much more from my students than they learn from me. Why? Because I’m only one person with one frame of reference. My students on the other hand bring a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. As I listen to their arguments or read their presentations, I learn about sports leaders, public relations events in the fashion industry and the newest fad and how the brand is marketing youth.

There are many ways of learning. But the point is to learn. Don’t ever stop learning and trying to improve yourself. In such a rapidly changing world, it’s important to stay current.

So as you buy a new lunch kit for your child or send your daughter to college, stop and reflect on your own education. What areas of your life and/or career do you want to foster?  What paths can you take to expand your knowledge? We should all be lifelong learners.