Public Speaking

As a regular conference speaker, Cynthia Lockrey is consistently rated as one of the top presenters. So what makes Cynthia different from other speakers? Cynthia takes a practical, humorous approach to speaking. Audiences appreciate her down-to-earth speaking style backed by real-life experience.

Whether it’s helping people understand crisis communications by explaining how she handled media relations around a plane crash into a downtown high rise or explaining the importance of engaging employees to pull off a successful event, like the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, there are many practical takeaways.

In addition to speaking on public relations, community engagement and crisis communications, Cynthia also has a passion for speaking on maternal health, particularly pregnancy bed rest, as well as patient advocacy for parents of children going through medical challenges.

“Cynthia is a great speaker who gave good personal examples of effective crisis communications handling.”

–       Canadian Public Relations Society, Vancouver